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About Aaron Christenson

Aaron Christenson attended Berklee College of Music in 2000-2001 and released his freshman album titled Cold December in 2001. After touring for a few years, he took a break from the music scene to work as an entrepreneur. It was the death of his infant son that seemed to make music beckon to him again and he gravitated towards playing out at open mic nights in the New England region.

As he dusted off his chops, music began to pour out of him and he wrote the majority of I Am Disaster in a 10 month period of time. The first release is an extended play for the I Am Disaster Project with the remaining tracks released Nov 2018 along with his first Music Video!

Aaron has currently joined New Hampshire based band Mosey Down. You can catch Aaron rocking out with this band full of Rock'n'Roll & Blues all delivered with soul in NH & VT.