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Upcoming Shows

Mamma Mc Donough's Irish Pub Sept. 6th @ 8 PM

Aaron will be joining local classic rock legends of  Mosey Down for multiple engagements this fall. Click the Face Book icon and follow his music page for up to the minute scheduled dates.

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How do you take a period of life gripped with loss and devastation and mold it into a beautiful tapestry of resilience, love, light and hope? On May 28th 2011 Aaron Christenson was faced with this precise question when he woke to the reality that his infant son had passed away during the night.


It is said that the darkest times we experience often are followed by the brightest. A path began to unfold through the bitterness and grief. 

May this remind us that life is a journey with magnificent mountain tops and treacherous valleys and canyons. It’s the journey that makes us more than we ever thought possible should we let that unfold.


And so now Aaron gives you the first release of this forthcoming record – The I am Disaster Extended Play (EP). May you ever be blessed as you continue to navigate through this life filled with contrast. Listen to it and make it your own – this is for you.